aboutPiér and Jo-Marie opened their first small shop specializing in Cape furniture in Andringa Street, Stellenbosch in 1988. They became members of SAADA www.saada.co.za in 1996.

Today their fields of specialisation include Cape furniture, Cape copper, Boer War memorabilia, Linn Ware and Kalahari, Murano Glass and mid-20th century Danish furniture.

Piér studied History at the University of Stellenbosch and Jo-Marie received her MA degree (cum laude) in 2007. Her thesis entitled “GENADENDAL- MEUBELS AS MATERIËLE MANIFESTASIE VAN DIE MORAWIESE PIËTISME” considers the contribution that the Moravian missionaries made to the development of a unique Cape furniture vernacular.

The Rabes religiously attend auctions and scour the country for rare pieces to add to their collection at home and to sell in their Stellenbosch shop at Bosman’s Crossing, a massive space of more than 800sq meter filled to the brim with exciting and one-off pieces.

Janri Bruwer manages the shop at The Warehouse, Bosman’s Crossing. She joined the team in 2008.
Gerda Breedt manages Piér Rabe @ Stand Huis, 111 Main Road, Stand.